All About Warranty

PC Revolution is proud to be the first and only computer retail store in the Philippines that offers 2-year warranty and 5-year preventive maintenance coverage. 

We are built on a foundation of core values that include quality assurance, technical expertise, and great customer service. These values have been instrumental in shaping the success and impact of PC Revolution in the industry.

We thank each one of our customers for trusting PC Revolution, and we hope to continue to build high-quality rigs to each and every Filipino.

Warranty Policy

Product Coverage:
 All parts of the hardware system is warranted to the original purchaser and is free of quality defects and materials during the warranty period, excluding software and other similar terms starting from the date of purchase or delivery, whichever comes last.

Warranty Period: PC Revolution is the only computer retailer to offer 2 Year warranty policy that applies to all major parts such as, processor, motherboard, graphics card, RAM modules, solid state drives, hard disk drives, and power supplies. See full list of warranty coverage at the end of the page.

Repair and Replacement: All repairs and hardware replacement (If necessary) will be free of charge during the warranty period of the product (Terms & Conditions Apply). Any replacement parts warranted to be free of defects of quality and material for up to (3) months from the time of replacement or for the remainder of the warranty period of the product replaced.

Warranty Claim Process: For defective products, please do not hesitate to message us at

Our sales team will arrange our tech team to diagnose, repair, and solve any defects found in the product through phone, email, or team viewer. Should our technical team be unable to resolve the problem, the customer must bring the said product to PC Revolution’s Service Center at UG03 Upper G/F Shaw Plaza Building II 561 Wack-Wack Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

Remedies and Responsibilities:

The customer is responsible for the transportation cost and the security of the product during transit to PC Revolution Service Center. PC Revolution will not be held liable for any damage caused during transit.

PC Revolution commits itself to excellence, we aim to resolve any problems within 14 days, but may exceed depending on external factors that are no longer part of PC Revolution’s jurisdiction. During the repair period, PC revolution Service Center will resolve, and replace (if necessary) the defective product to the best of our abilities. Should we not be able to resolve the problem, PC Revolution (to the extent permitted by law) may do the following:

  • Repair the product using new or replacement parts
  • Issue a partial or full credit subject to the original purchase price, which may be used to purchase another in store product.

Limitations and Exclusions: Any issues damaged by accident, abuse, tampering, misapplication, voltage manipulation, liquid damage, product modification, and damage caused by parts installed outside PC Revolution shall NOT be covered by PC Revolution’s warranty policy. In addition, any signs of use of cryptocurrency mining, block chain computing, or any other applications that may void the product manufacturer’s warranty will not be held liable to PC Revolution

Transferability: The warranty policy is NOT transferrable. Only the original owner of the product has the right to claim warranty from PC Revolution’s warranty and maintenance coverage.

Product Warranty Coverage:

2 Years Processor, Motherboard, Graphics Card, Memory Modules, Solid State Drives, Hard Disk Drives, Power Supplies
1 Year CPU Fans, Case Fans, AIO, Case, Keyboard and Mouse, Speakers, Headset, Microphone, Printer, Monitors


Service Warranty Coverage:

 3 Months Flex, Wifi Card, Touchpad repair and replacement, BIOS Reprogram, System Fan
1 Month Motherboard Repair, GPU Repair
7 Days Hinges Repair, Cleaning